7 things you should not do in Russia

Each country has its own rules of conduct. If a thing is perceived to be made in one country, it is absolutely taboo in another. See what you should not do in Russia.

  • Do not go on a visiting without a gift

When you are visiting someone, do not go without bringing something. It is customary to bring a gift for the home or just a box of chocolates to the host. You can also bring beverage or maybe flowers. The gesture is important. Be sure, however, that the host in Russia will not be happy if you show up only with a smile on his/her doorstep.

  • Do not allow ladies to pay bill

Russia is one of the countries where it is still considered the man to pay the bill. Therefore we recommend you to take care of the costs of the dinner, if you are meeting with a Russian woman. Also remember small gentlemanly gestures that some are obsolete – pulling the chair, opening the door and taking the coat.

  • Do not ignore the body language

When you communicate with Russians never ignore body language. Russians are pretty open people – for them the hugs, the handshake and even kisses on the cheeks are normal. Remember these little rules, otherwise your attitude may be considered rude and impolite. Also, do not be surprised if during a conversation your companion is too close to you. Avoid lifting your thumb to say okay, this is considered rude.

  • Do not insult their culture

In many countries, tactless remark concerning the culture will be passed over lightly. Not in Russia. Avoid making negative comments about Russian culture, music and art. It will make a good impression if you show knowledge of these issues and say a few kind words.

  • Do not rush with the alcohol

According to the Russian label of behavior, especially in the business world, you should not drink before the first official toast. The same goes for eating. It is customary that guests start eating after the host is sitting at the table and began to eat.

  • Do not joke with the family

In Russia, the family is an institution that is respected. Therefore it is advisable to not tomake jokes with the family of the person or of yours. This is a manifestation of bad manners and is very risky how it is going to be accepted.

  • Be careful with the origin

Not everyone in Russia is Russian even if he/she speaks a language that sounds like Russian. Many citizens of Russia are of other ethnic groups or nationalities, so you must be very careful. Make a difference between Russia and the smaller states around and between the Russian language and other similar to it. Unless you are well aware, do not try to make comments about the former Soviet republics and the story about the collapse of the USSR.

10 interesting facts about Haiti

Haiti Map

Haiti is a country in the Caribbean region. It is located in the western part of the island of Hispaniola and its neighbor is the Dominican Republic. To the northern part of Haiti is touched by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the Caribbean Sea. While the country has its strong charm, it is extremely poor and is not among the attractive tourist destinations. However, it is an interesting place and worth your attention. Here are 10 interesting facts about Haiti:

  1. Tortuga Island is part of the Republic of Haiti. This island is well known its pirate stories.
  2. Haitians believe in voodoo and zombies. Even now there are many shamans in the country. Sometimes shamans help people and sometimes curse them. Therefore local people in Haiti respect them.
  3. The indigenous peoples of Haiti was called “Taino”, which means “good people.” These people called their land “Aichi” (“mountain land”) and subsequently transformed into Aichi Haiti.
  4. Haiti has a colonial past. The country was a colony of Spain and France. In the period from 1804 to 1915 more than 70 dictators ruled Haiti. Over the last century, the country was ruled by the United States. Now Haiti is a free country.
  5. This is the poorest country in the Caribbean. The average worker in Haiti earns just 2.75 dollars a day. Due to the lack of jobs (about 70% of the population has no permanent job) those who work, are afraid to speak out against unfair labor organization.
  6. 80% of Haitians live below the poverty line and 54% live in extreme poverty. The average income per capita in Haiti is $ 480 a year!
  7. More than 10% of children in Haiti die before they reach their fifth birthday.
  8. The education in the country is also very bad. Only 53% of the population in Haiti could read and write.
  9. The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince. The city was founded in 1749 and named in honor of the French prince. It looks like a lot of other Caribbean capitals. One of the common features are the buildings of the colonial era.
  10. Christopher Columbus is buried in Haiti. The main attraction in the capital is the cathedral “Santa Maria” where Christopher Columbus (he discovered the island in 1492), his brother Bartolomeo, his son and his grandson are burried.

The amazing experience called Las Vegas


You can see it across the desert. Its bright lights will attract you. And if you search of riches and adventure, you will recognize it – its Vegas! Once you enter the city you will get to know it personally and close. This is most probably the most amazing experience in light and sound. And if you do not hear the chapel bells when somebody gets married in the capital of entertainment, that is because of the slot machines that around you on every corner.


And you should have no doubt why its nickname is “Sin City”. There are hotels and casinos waiting for people to try their luck or enjoy the popular shows. And this city offers way more that that. Visitors come here for golf, nightlife, marriage or adventurous tours with Grand Canyon helicopters. Those tours are so organized, that you do not need to worry about anything, you will be picked up at you hotel and then you will have a great adventure. And believe me this is one unforgettable experience!

For some Las Vegas might not be a place for spending the vacation with your entire family, but there are more and more family-frienly things to do these days. A lot of resorts and hotels are developing and now provide family entertainment – from theme park to everything that can make the younger visitors feel great on their vacation.


Speaking about entertainment there are resorts and hotels that even provide thrilling rides on the roof of their building. And if you want to get the best room and service for your money, you need to know that the competition between the hotels is so big that you just need to ask for an upgrade and if it is possible you might be lucky and get a room with better view and amenities, for the same price. Some hotels offers complimentary breakfast included in the price.

Ice Bar New York “Minus 5″

Ice Bar New York

In the midst of summer in Manhattan is minus 5 degrees, at least for summer visitors to the “ice bar”. “Minus 5″ is the name of the facility, which is a hit in New York. Not only the walls but the tables and chairs are made of ice.

“The idea is inspired by the ice hotel that became so popular in Europe. USA now have their bar,” said Noel Bauman, who represents the “Minus 5″.

The bar is built for three weeks. You can visit it dressed in summer clothes because there are gloves, jackets and blankets that you can rent. We advise you not to leave your glasses to the masses because of the risk to “stick.”

“On the street is terribly hot, so when you see the ice bar, I just can not help it. It is summer and this is exactly what you need,” said a customer at the bar.

Đ¢here are “Minus 5″ ice bars also in Casino Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Ice Bar in New York City opens daily at 2pm. Until 7pm it is open to families and children, but then becames the center of the nightlife of the Big Apple. The entrance fee is $20 USD.